19 June 2017 “WHITE OVER WHITE” P.S. – premiere 19:30, Etud gallery by Maya Pramatarova, a stage version for the festival “Etud and Friends” With: Lidiya Stefanova and Mariyana Krumova Sound picture: Nevena Pramatarova With thanks to Lyudmil Angelov With thanks to Chaika Petrusheva Stage environment: Boyan Bahrin and Ventsislava Stoyanova P.S. to the performance of Ventsislav Asenov Poster: Antonio Stoyanov Festival “Etud and Friends 2017” second edition is an initiative of the Etud Foundation and is being implemented with the financial support of the…Continue Reading “WHITE OVER WHITE P.S.”

26 & 27 June 2017 “HERE BELOW, ALL LILACS DIE” – premiere 19:30, DNA – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance Idea and realisation and performed by Galina Borisova Consultant playwright: Boyan Manchev Consultant music: Rumen Balyozov stage design, costumes and light: Ralitsa Toneva Tutor: Elisaveta Marinova “Ideas are substitutes for sorrows; when the latter change into ideas they lose part of their noxious action on our hearts.” (Marcel Proust) “I would have told you what I had researched, if I had not read Marcel…Continue Reading “HERE BELOW ALL LILACS DIE”

29 June 2017 “VICTORY DAY” 19:30, DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance Produced by: Tanztage / SOPHIENSÆLE и HZT Berlin Supported by Goethe-Institut in Bulgaria Concept and creation: Willy Prager in collaboration with Iva Sveshtarova With: Iva Sveshtarova , Willy Prager and Galina Borissova Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi Dramaturgical advisor: Angelina Georgieva “The Victory Day” (named after a Russian propaganda song by Lev Levstenko extremely popular in the 70’s) takes up the “revolution” as a subject of exploration to be presented as a stage…Continue Reading “VICTORY DAY”

1 July 2017 “IMPOSSIBILITY IN ITS PUREST FORM | FRAGMENTS IN MOTION”  19:30, DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance Atom Theatre Choreographer: Stefaniya Georgieva Movement: Kalina Georgieva and Stefaniya Georgieva Music: Konstantin Kuchev Contrabass: Dobromir Kisyov Video and Photographer: Alexander Petlichkov No shuttering! Where am I? When am I? In whom am I? Why am I? Are. Be. You are… Watch! Don’t sleep. Die. Pose. Spill out! Curse! Unlock! Engender!! Create yourself – fit for swallowing… Requisite. “Impossibility in its purest form |…Continue Reading “IMPOSSIBILITY IN ITS PUREST FORM | FRAGMENTS IN MOTION”