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Boris Wolf


25/10/2023 – 04/11/2023

Exhibition of paintings and digital drawings by BORIS WOLF

In my work as an artist I explore our surroundings, be it human faces or figures, animals and other objects, often placing them in a different reality in the context of a certain emotion or state of mind. Thus, the objects are loaded with a new symbolic charge. In addition to being an image, the portrait becomes an element of the composition with which a certain suggestion, mood, sometimes a specific message is achieved.
Our interaction with everything around us is often provoked by vague desires or fears of which we do not suspect or at least are not fully aware. One of the ways to understand them is while we are dreaming, therefore my works are often directly influenced by dreams, hence the creating of a picture turns into a process of realization and analysis of the experience, into alchemy of dreaming.
Although I have drawn and painted since early active years I wouldn’t call myself a professional painter. In the the latest years I have been working more with watercolors and ink, occasionally oils and other media.

I have studied and graduated fine arts at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski in the Faculty of Educational Studies and the Arts. Professionally I have a long term career as a CG and stop-motion animator, working on films such as Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie”, “The Inventor” by Jim Capobianco (screenwriter at the Pixar studios), Disney’s films and many other international productions. I have several appearances in art exhibitions, and the present one is my solo debut.