Dark Light 2.0

Categories 2016, Exhibitions



The exhibition was a one night event featuring photography and videography as part of the Dark Light Project by the artist collective Dark Light

The exhibition presents a series of photo collages and video artworks that were created utilizing the photographic technique called “light-painting.” This is the second series shown by the “Dark Light” project, which is an ongoing search for visual interpretations of Sofia’s urban environment. The artists that comprise the collective focus on using digital methods to reveal new and different ways to view and show photographs.

Artists of the Dark Light collective: Boyan Bahrin, Ventsislava Stovanova, Asya Spassova and Marina Stovanova

More information about the project can be found at: http://darkinart.wix.com/darklight

The project “Dark light” is supported by: Debuts program of NF CULTURE at the Ministry of Culture, ALOS Center, Art in Action Association, Etud Gallery and Underground Gallery/Studio.