Vasil Dokev – father

Categories 2016, Exhibitions


14/05/2016 – 14/06/2016

Solo exhibition of Vassil Dokev

This exhibition features the artist Vassil Dokev and the abstract paintings he created during the last few decades of his life, from the 1980s to the present. Dokev worked for many years as a costume and stage designer for the The National Musical Theater and The National Opera and Ballet in Bulgaria. Dokev’s paintings are based on artistic principles present in Bulgarian and contemporary ethno-art. His knowledge of art history also influenced his painting style.
Both real and fantastic characters inhabit the artist’s works. Ancient symbolism and characters come to life in Dokev’s works, showcasing hidden wisdom of past generations, deification of the elements, the celestial lights, humility before fate, and the vicissitudes of life. Dokev’s paintings evoke the power of ancient primitive drawings and strive to return to the lost purity of the world.