festival ETUD AND FRIENDS – fourth edition

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ETUD foundation presents:

festival ETUD AND FRIENDS – fourth edition
19-30 june 2019


Festival “Etud and friends” is supported by the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality for 2018 and Foundation Etud. In partnership with DNK- Space for contemporary dance and performance and gallery Etud


19 June 19:30h. Perfectly pink Idea and realization: Iva Sveshtarova, with Violeta Vitanova and  Iva Sveshtarova / DNK- Space for contemporary dance and performance

A production by Iva Sveshtarova. Association InformBureau Foundation and DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance
ICARUS Award nomination for Contemporary Dance and Performance
Idea and realization: Iva Sveshtarova
with Violeta Vitanova and  Iva Sveshtarova
Dramaturgy consultant: Helena Botto (Germany / Portugal)
Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elby
Stage design: Ralitsa Toneva
Communication: Kremena Hristova and Ina Doublekova

Perfectly Pink casts a glance towards the topic of the female body as both an influenced subject and an influencing subject. Using imposed stereotypes, clichés and super-erotic images, the performance opens up questions about pleasure, desire and erotic fascination. In the context of the many debates on women rights taking place locally and globally, two renowned female artists – Iva Sveshtarova and Violeta Vitanova – confidently enter the stage to put under magnifying glass attitudes towards female body and to share their own point of view on this major topic with their performance “Perfectly Pink”. As the title suggests – they are doing it with sense of humor and the necessary amount of (self)irony.
The project is realized with the financial support of the Sofia Municipality Program “Culture” of for 2018 and with the cooperation of ETUD Gallery, Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and The National Palace of Culture.

20 June 19:30h Un-seen choreography and dance: Zornitsa Stoyanova USA / DNK-Space for contemporary dance and performance

Un-seen is a journey through a surreal and alienated world. Using Mylar material as a metaphor for the American(western) dream, Zornitsa becomes a refugee, looking to be part of this shiny new world.  Partly autobiographical, and partly based on the refugee crisis in both Europe and the U.S., the show traces the use of Mylar in our lives that leads to the disillusionment of the glitzy western world. Un-seen is a fantastical, beautiful and ultimately fraud journey to the “promised land”.

Zornitsa Stoyanova (USA/BUL) is an award-winning (Rocky Award 2017 for Explicit Female) performance artist, curator, writer, lighting and video designer based in Philadelphia, PA. A native of Bulgaria, she produces and presents both her own and other’s work under the name Here[begin] Dance. Her most influential teachers include Deborah Hay, Meg Stuart, Miguel Gutierrez, Michelle Boule, Ishmael Houston Jones, Susan Rethorst, Fay Driscoll, Luciana Achugar, Danny Lepkoff. She has performed for Eiko & Koma, Boris Charmatz, Cie. Willy Dorner, Lionel Popkin, Group Motion and others. She teaches improvisation technique for performance, dance on camera and composition and has done so in Philadelphia, France, Hungary and her native Bulgaria. Zornitsa also writes for thINKingDANCE.net and is presently working on several short films shot in the U.S. and Bulgaria.

21 June 19:30h.  „VOYAGER” Performers: Denitsa Dikova and Vasco Trilla, Spain / DNK- Space for contemporary dance and performance

A physical and a virtual experience, a divergent pattern of the observer, sound, movement and light. A place where the two performers are passing through an abstract transformation and shaping the void with walls, corners and furniture. A present time with its contrasts.

Vasco Trilla is one of the most active, versatile and creative drummers of the Barcelona scene. He has recorded more than 40 albums ranging from free improvisation, jazz rock to progressive rock metal and ambient music. Most of his career has been developed internationally, especially on the Polish, Dutch and Portuguese scene. The factors of his success seem to be: imagination, cross-genre experience in performing music and the constant search for expanding the limits of the instrument. In the recent years he has become one of the most solid and in-demand voices of the European free improvised scene.
Denitsa Dikova is a choreographer and dancer in the field of instant composition and improvisation. Her skills in instant composition, the combination of movement, sound and light create works of depth and character for everyone who is looking for more perspectives, as well as for unfolding their imagination. After graduating, she started working as a freelance artist in Bulgaria and Spain. She set up the non-governmental organization Garage Collective in Bulgaria which continues to explore the principles of collective authorship. She keeps following the same course in Barcelona, ​​where, together with Gloria Ros, she explores the techniques of instant composition.

22 June 19:30h. MADE FOR HAPPINESSIdea, realization and performance: Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager DNK- Space for contemporary dance and performance
ICARUS Award for Contemporary Dance and Performance

Idea, realization and performance: Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager
Dramaturg: Ivana Ivković (Croatia)
Music: Emilian Gatsov-Elbi
Light design: Ralitsa Toneva
Graphic design and costumes: Gogo Florov
PR: Kremena Hristova and Ina Doublekova
A production of Brain Store Project and DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance.

Made for happiness is a comment on a topic, seemingly taken for easy, but very relevant and important in the contemporary world: HAPPINESS  according to the popular understanding – everyone knows what is happiness and it is the same to different people. On the stage Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager undertake the task to produce happiness. Not in „7 steps”, but in one-hour session. For this purpose they are equipped with anti-stress balls, champagne and other pleasant stimuli.
The production is supported by the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality for 2018 and Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, and is realized in partnership with National Palace of Culture and with the cooperation of Goethe-Institut Bulgarien.

23 юни (неделя) 19:30ч. „The method of Ms. Lydia “ idea and realization: Galina Borissova performance by Lydia Stefanova Gallery Etud

What happens when we live in isolation because the world has nothing more to tell us? When birds are not part of our fate but just a monologue text by an actress. What happened or did not happen in our lives or what is it like to be Lydia? And why all the arrangements and rearrangements when we want to talk or remain silent, but we have no good scenario? What is it when your dog is dead and the cat does not like the Djambazov family? An adventure at just the right time to attend.
With the financial support of foundation Etud and partnership with gallery Etud

24 June 19:30h.. “Hello. I like you. Now, agree with me.” Featuring Lauren Warhol Caldwell and Ani Collier with Sara Morsey / DNK – Space for contemporary dance and performance

An American and a Bulgarian meet in the wrong place at the right time. A fortunate stroke of serendipity or a cry for help? Confusion bubbles up with the arrival of a second American. Are they talking about the same things? Some comical situations arise and some politics creep in the conversation.
Hello! I like you! Now, agree with me!

WARHOL CALDWELL has been a professional Actor and Director in theatre for over 30 years.  She has a BFA in Directing and Design and an MFA in Acting.  After serving as Artistic Director for the Hippodrome Regional Theatre, Warhol has stepped out to pursue more freedom in her creative endeavors.  This newfound freedom has found her back on the computer writing her own pieces.  Warhol has written over 60 scripts and five adaptations for the theatre including an adaptation of WAR OF THE WORLDS.  This adaptation was produced as a world premiere at the Hippodrome Theatre.  Warhol is most drawn to devised theatre with the intention of mixing text, dance and music.  She loves the human body and the amazing range of emotions that the body can provide for an audience.  Warhol is currently an Artistic Consultant for Black C Art Gallery in America working with Ani Collier.
SARA MORSEY is a long-time associate artist with two American regional theatres, The Hippodrome Theatre and Florida Repertory Theatre. She has performed extensively onstage across the US in the classics of the American theatre by Lillian Hellman, Eugene O’Neill, Edward Albee, Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams to contemporary works by Anne Ruhl, Amy Zoe Laufer, Lucas Hnath, Terrance McNalley, Tony Kushner, many more; and, of course, in the plays of the European Theatre including William Shakespeare! Her passion is exploring new forms and original ways of presenting. Her acting has taken her to The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and The National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria. Sara has appeared in several independent films. Master of Fine Arts from The University of Louisville, Member, Actors’ Equity Association and Screen Actors Guild. Sara is also a visual artist and professional audiobook narrator.
Ani Collier is a dancer, choreographer, director and visual artist. She was born in Bulgaria and trained at The State Ballet School in Sofia behind the Iron Curtain before moving to USA after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. She is founder of foundation Etud, gallery Etud and “Collier” award.

24 June 16:30h.

The Choreographic Universe of Gun Lund at Gallery Etud. Photography, Films, Talks about Swedish Dance and Live Appearance Gallery Etud

At the Gallery Gun Lund will exhibit photographs from her extensive work in dance – she is famous for her large-scale site-specifics, her work in Art & Science, her interest and collaboration with Architects, Composers, Visual Artists and her long experience in contemporary dance – 40 years makes this appearance into something extra.
Gun Lund will present her work and ideas, talk about Swedish Dance and show unique Dance films in this program. Don´t be surprised if she performs in the Gallery!

25 June 19:30h. HEROES Concept, Choreography and Performance by John Scott, Ireland / DNK- Space for contemporary dance and performance

Concept, Choreography and Performance by John Scott
Soundscape by Jassem Hindi
Outside eye Matteo Fargion

John Scott Choreographer/Dancer/Operatic tenor, creates his first major solo since ‘The Bowing Dance’, using the universe of German operatic heroes: Beethoven’s ‘Fidelio’, Wagner’s ‘Die Walkure’ and ‘Siegfried’, Weber’s Der Freischutz. Scott, who has studied and performed with voice/dance pioneer Meredith Monk, creates a journey that is a dance physicalisation of music, through the physicality of his astonishing voice, to show two selves, human and mythological. The music portrays heroes battling impossible dark forces and conquering darkness paralleled with the idea of escape. Heroes is framed through interaction with Jonathan Burrows’ collaborator, Matteo Fargion.
Scott channels the characters, battling impossible dark forces, making the mythological personal. Scott collaborated with French – Palestinian sound artist, Jassem Hindi in creating a sound environment for the operatic echoes to resonate. Heroes has been performed at Sounded Bodies Festival, Zagreb, 3u Vänigen, Gothenburg, Sweden, The Dock Arts Centre, Carrick on Shannon, Wexford Arts Centre, Echo Echo Festival. Derry, Mullingar Arts Centre.

26 June 19:30h. DIGITAL FOOTPRINTS. Performance by Gun Lund DNK – Space for contemporary dance and performance

”Digital Footprints” – premiered 2019 – is a playful and beautiful performance, an interactive high-tech game with three dancers. Their bodies – the speed, force and direction of their movements in space decides patterns, images and sound of the performance. This work puts important questions about interaction in our society, who rules, who is in control … aside from this you can just enjoy the beauty of the movements and images. The technique, projections and the music has been developed together with Åke Parmerud – another pioneer in Electroacoustic music and video works.

Concept & Choreography – Gun Lund / Duration 40 min
Technique, music, projections – Åke Parmerud
Dancers – Rebecca Evanne, Hannah Karlsson, Olof Persson
Gun Lund Choreographer. The Choreographer Gun Lund is a pioneer in Swedish contemporary Dance. Always searching the optimal space for her works whether it´s a stage at a theatre, an abandoned industrial building, or nature itself – the rocks by the sea or a heath. It feels just natural. Together with her husband – a medical doctor she has been involved in projects connecting Art & Science. She has something to say about the conditions of life, changing or questioning the perspective we as spectators take for granted. Today she runs E=mc2 DanceCompany and is also Artistic Director of 3rd Floor – Dance & Art space in Göteborg, Sweden

27 June 19:30h.  THAT’S ALL at Gallery Etud

Idea and realization Galina Borissova in partnership with Emilian Gatsov/Elby-records
visual guest artist – Adriana Czernin/Vienna,
with Alexandra Spassova, Denitsa Darinova, Silvia Stanoeva, Stefan A. Shterev
photographer – Violeta Apostolova/Leti

This is all a postmodern installation performance or rather a looped trailer and a glimmering spectacle and at the same time indisputably funny.
We exist here together and with all our common efforts, we are trying to tell you that everything can be choreography, scenography, music, technology, the important thing is to have “electricity”. And current. And wires. And sisal. And above all the internet. We manifest life.
The project was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the Mobility Fund to NFC. The performance is part of the “Tri3avisim” project – an initiative of the Guild for Contemporary Performing Arts at the Union of Artists in Bulgaria. In partnership with Etud Gallery.

28 June 19:30h.

Off the Wall series. Installation/Performance by Olof Persson and David Sabel DNK-Space for contemporary dance and performance

Off the Wall is a series of works with filters of Liquid crystals on glass surfaces. Filters that can change the glass from transparent to diffuse. A collaboration between the artists Olof Persson and David Sabel.
Off the Wall work No.4 – A transparent wall is dividing the room. At given moment the installation turns into a performance set with a trio of dancers. The choreographic framing changes with the wall and it’s programmed flow of on/off. It is a peculiar sensitivity in the window and it leads into a relationship between public and private. A set of individual movement combinations are processed in a socially abstract group structure, influenced by the philosophy that dance is form and that the movement holds meaning in itself. All this is fused with the particular sound works.
The artists Olof Persson and David Sabel in collaboration with dancers: Hannah Karlsson, Rebecca Evanne and Olof Persson. Programmer: David Sabel, Installation construction: Björn Alpsten, Production Manager: Anna Stigert.
Off the wall series has previously been exhibited and performed at Galerie W57, Supermarket, Bite Studios, The others Art fair, Construction festival, Dnipropetrovsk Museum of Art, Fylkingen, Live Action, Ringöns konsthall, 3:e Våningen and Art Safari.

 ”See You Somewhere” Olof Persson, concept & choreography in collaboration with Robin Rimbaud, soundscape and Helena Fredriksson, fashion design.
”Aimless and Random, Rave and Freedom. We are everywhere and nowhere, with some one else, somewhere else.”
Olof Persson
This is a statement by a Choreographer of the first rave generation, bringing it into a present context. The solo will be developed into a new full evening performance with changing choreographies according to specific sites in the urban landscape. A work on ongoing shifts in what we consider to be the center and the periphery. The soundscape is built on mobile recordings from the ever changing conditions of life, digitally adding new layers and meaning to the work. Repetitive movements are processed and focused in a random structure.

29 June 17:30 h. Exhibition by Ani Collier, Liliana Dvorianova and Galina Borissova

A joint unpretentious exhibition of unfinished posters, collages and forgotten photographs.

Ani Collier is the founder of the Etud Foundation. She lives in the United States where she dances for Dance Alive National Ballet, Gainesville and various independent projects. Initiator of the “Etud and Friends” Festival and the launch of Etud Gallery. Founder of the Collier Award.
Lilyana Dvoryanova has worked for years in the field of illustration, graphic design, graphics, photography and painting.
Galina Borissova calls herself a “choreographer mutant”. As an independent artist, he creates more than 40 shows in Europe and the United States. He regularly writes in his blog “Personal Dance Preferences”.

29 June 19:30ч. Film about Feo Mustakova at Gallery Etud
Ani Collier and Galina Borissova meet with Feo when she is 98 years old on the terrace of her house. Their conversation lasts more than 3 hours. They are fascinated by the memoires of the ballet dancer Feo Mustakova (1909-2011), who is a former director of the Musical Theatre “Stephan Makedonsky”. Mustakova has been teaching ballet at the school of the Russian emigrant Olga Preobrajenska in Paris. She has danced with Mistinguett, Charles Boise, Josephine Becker and others. She has worked for Folies Bergère and Lido de Paris and also performed at the Sofia Opera as a soloist.

19:30ч. short films by Zornitsa Stoyanova at Gallery Etud
Geometries of Time (4m40s) is an experimental dance film part of an ongoing dance on film research called Body Etudes. Through multiplicity and time echo it creates new abstracted ways of perceiving the body. Film by Zornitsa Stoyanova. Music, performance and editing by Zornitsa Stoyanova
Dark Matter (7m40s). Dark Matter is an experimental surrealist screendance film. Process driven, it offers ever shifting perspectives, moving vantage points, multiplicity of body parts and sense of an alien world. The title is a metaphor for otherness, something unseen and unrecognizable, monster like yet biological – alien, yet recognizable.
Elsewhere (7m30s). Elsewhere is a surrealist improvisational dance film, questioning the perception of personal identity and locational reality. What is inside and what outside? A dream of being someone else, somewhere else, the film blends the female body with nature and architecture. Are we all the same, trees, buildings and humans? Do we exist in multiplicity of places at the same time? How do our thoughts/dreams change reality? Shot primarily on mobile device over three years and on two continents, Elsewhere is a fairy-tale like escapism into the multiplicity of oneself and our surroundings. The creation of this film was possible though The Ice Box residency in Philadelphia (2015) and Derida Dance Center residency (2016) in Sofia, Bulgaria. Filming locations in Bulgaria are Vitosha and Teteven mountains.

30 June 19:30h. HI-RO-SHI-MA“ Stage adaptation and directing by Stodara with the Emona Ilieva at Gallery Etud

based on “Hiroshima, my love” by Marguerite Duras in translation by Zlatka Timenova
Stage adaptation and directing – Stodara
Monospectacle of Emona Ilieva
Artistic supervisor – Annie Vasseva
Stage design and costumes – Stodara

Frenchwoman and Japanese in Hiroshima – 14 years after the atomic bomb.
Two intact from the outside, beautiful bodies.
Two realities destroyed from within.
A performance about memory and desire, about the indifference and the fear of indifference
The project is a production of FULLDANCE and it is realized with the financial support of NDF “13 VECA BULGARIA” and with the kind support of theatrical Association Metheor and HaHa ImPro Theater


Festival “Etud and friends” is supported by the Culture Program of Sofia Municipality for 2018 and Foundation Etud. In partnership with DNK- Space for contemporary dance and performance and gallery Etud