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Yosif SHERTSEL, guitar and Zoé CASSARD, Mezzo-Soprano
03 March 2023 (Friday)
Start: 18:30, duration: 45 min.
Entrance: donations


1. Domenico Scarlatti – 3 Sonatas, K1, K.99, K.408 (1685-1757)
2. Nikita Koshkin – Suite Les Elfes (1956- )
3. Agustín Barrios Mangoré – La Catedral 1. Preludio saudade 2. Andante religioso 3. Allegro solemne (1885-1944)
4. Mauro Giuliani – Sei Cavatine Opus 39 1. Par che di giubilo 2. Confuso smarrito 3. Alle mie tante / Zoé Cassard – mezzo-soprano (1781-1829)
5. Federico-Mompou – Damunt de tu Nomes le Flors / Zoé Cassard – mezzo-soprano (1893-1987)
6. Manuel de Falla – Sept chansons populaires espagnoles, 1.El pano moruno 3.Asturiana 6.Cancion / Zoé Cassard – mezzo-soprano (1876-1946)


Zoé CASSARD, Mezzo-Soprano
Zoé’s musical passion has never run out of steam. From her first scales on the piano in the back of her living room to her recent admission at the Lausanne University of Music (HEMU) in May 2022.
Zoé feeds multiple experiences and encounters, in particular those of teachers such as Anne le Bozec, Alain Buet, Sophie Marilley, Emmanuel Olivier, Romualdo Savastano, Doris Lamprecht or even Yves Coudray.
Holder of a DEM at the CRR of Paris, Zoé begins her studies at the CRR from Annecy in the singing class of Eva Kiss and in piano with Vinca Bonnaud. For 4 years, she perfected her skills in Choral Direction at the Conservatory of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. After several years within the Choir and Orchestra Sorbonne Universities, Zoé sings as an alto in the Lyon vocal ensemble Syllepse.
Her first literary studies as well as her career as a communicator within the CELSA – Sorbonne Universities make her a curious and daring artist, never hesitating to approach eclectic repertoires and enrich them with her transversal gaze.

Yosif Shukerov Shertsel, guitar
Yosif was born on January 23, 1997 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He started playing the piano at the age of 8, before taking up classical guitar at the age of 10. In 2009 he was accepted to the National School of Music in Sofia where he entered Stolina Dobreva’s classical guitar class.
Yosif Shertsel has received numerous awards in the Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Ireland, Austria and Bulgaria among others.
One of the many examples is the 17th international youth competition of “Forum Gitarre” in Vienna in 2012 by winning the Special Prize for the best interpretation of a lyrical composition.
A year later, he made a recording for Bulgarian national radio with a guitar built by master luthier Nikola Minev, sponsored by the First Investment Bank.
Yosif has more than 400 appearances in front of an audience, including solo performances as well as as a chamber musician in different musical formations. He has participated in many masterclasses with big names, such as David Tanenbaum, Scott Tennant, Tilman Holppstock, Aniello Desiderio and many others. Yosif Shertsel obtained his Bachelor’s degree at the Haute École de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU) in 2020 with George Vassilev, with whom he is currently pursuing his Masters in Interpretation.