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28/06/2016 – 12/07/2016

An exhibition of participants in the master classes of Alexander Sergeev from 2015-2016

Artists: Jana Dimitrova, Nelly Stoyanova, Albena Hlebarova, Blagoy Ivanov, Svetla Uzunyan, Anastasia Dimitrova, Poliksena Zdravkova, Radoslav Georgiev, Monika Nikolova, Atanaska Stoynova, Irina Staneva, Aneliya Antova, Mariela Ganeva, Tcetci Atanasova, Lili Georgieva, Joanna Kostova, Adela Halacheva, Zdravka Russeva, Asya Kolarova and Meglena Kostova.

The exhibition, Paintings – Master Classes of Alexander Sergeyev, showcases paintings with a variety of themes commonly depicted in art, created using oil paints and a palette knife.

Alexander Nikolaevich Sergeev was born in 1968. Sergeev graduated from the Architectural Institute, but became interested in painting and sculpture as a student. After graduating, he began working as an artist.

The creator of the Art Academy, Manya Kitova, selected this group of talented artists to be shown in the exhibition. The Art Academy organizes Master classes and workshops on painting with well-known Bulgarian and Russian artists.