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IN SEARCH OF – video exhibit

Video exhibit coming up…. featuring Ani Collier and Tzveta Kassabova and their performance “In Search of”

June 2022

In Search of…

/create your own story/

music: Mike Wall
performed by Ani Collier and Tzveta Kassabova
created and premiered at BlackC Art in Gainesville, Florida
shot on location at University of Michigan,
Video Studio Team: Jacques Merserau, Patterson McKinney, Catherine Miller

A short movement investigation by Ani Collier and Tzveta Kassabova will be presented to a limited audience of eight at Black C Art Gallery.
Two Bulgarians, one from frozen Michigan, the other from sweltering Florida, both accomplished movement artists collaborated to create an exquisite performance.
Tzveta Kassabova, named one of ’25 to watch’ by Dance Magazine was recently back in Gainesville on a short residency to explore live performance possibilities with fellow dancer/choreographer Ani Collier.
“In search of…” provides an intriguing blank page for the viewer to interpret and and project the meaning of their desire.