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Roland Szabo (H/SK)


05/04/2016 – 16/04/2016
L1 Portrait Series is a photo exhibition by Roland Szabo

The exhibition L1 Portrait Series consists of portraits of members and residents of the L1 Association, one of the largest contemporary dance associations in Hungary. Roland Szabo has been a part of the L1 Association since 2013. This series of photographs was presented as an exhibition on L1danceFest 2014 in Budapest, at Balassi Institute in Prague and at the gallery of the Slovak Institute in Budapest (2015).
In April 2016, the L1 Association team took part in the residency program of the Derida Dance Center (Sofia), shared work experience in a workshop and worked on their own project, which was presented into space of the Dance Center. During their stay in Sofia, the L1 Association team made the photographic exhibition L1 Portrait Serie in the space of Etud Gallery. The photographs were also exhibited at the Hungarian Institute in Sofia.

Roland Szabo is a Hungarian photographer from Slovakia. He studied photography in Bratislava from photographer Anton Sladek and continued his work by opening his own studio in Prague. He is working on photography and short film projects.
In 2011-12, he made a portrait series of the Prague National Theatre Ballet’s professionals and of other famous Czech artists. Since 2011, he is co-organizer of the international short film workshop Kino Praha. He met the representative of the L1 Association also in Prague, and in 2013 he was the official photographer of the events of L1danceFest in Budapest. In 2014, continuing the co-operation, he created a portrait series of the residents and the members of L1 Association, which the Bulgarian audience will have the opportunity to see in the Etud Gallery between 05 and 16 April 2016.

http://www.l1.hu/en/node/1108 / www.rolandszabo.cz