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01/09/2018 – 14/09/2018

Exhibition of photo-portraits of blind people of Korean photographer Jang Gi-hoon

Over the course of a few years, Korean photographer Jang Gi-hoon has been working on a non-profit project called “Giving me voice”. He was able to present this project on several occasions in South Korea.
The core purpose of the project is to show blind people as equal members of our society. “We are not different” – This is the message that they want to convey through their uniforms and clothes. Every picture taken is a portrait which shows the models’ professions, hobbies and talents. The project consists of a photo exhibition of different people with different jobs or people who do arts, and a concert, where these people can showcase their talents. In February, Jang Gi-hoon finished his work in Korea with the exhibition and concert, and in March he was honored of being selected for an international cultural exchange support program by the Joint Korea Culture and Arts Institute. His whole purpose is to raise his voice in countries outside of Korea by doing this project for blind people. This is how the idea of a global project, which starts in Bulgaria, Europe, was born. After finishing the project in Europe, he plans on working in different countries in different continents. An idea about making a nationwide tour in Korea after the European project is finished, is flourishing in his mind.

More about the project
The photo project was successfully carried out in South Korea, where over 30 people with visual impairments stood in front of Jang Gi-hoon‘s camera. The photographies show every person dressed in clothes and carrying different attributes which showcase their job or hobby – musician, dancer, movie director, teacher, TV host, sportsperson, etc.
The project was presented in different galleries in South Korea, including the exhibition hall in the Joint Korea Culture and Arts Institute for the Disabled.
In parallel with the exhibition, some of the models took part of the concert that was organized there.