Roland Szabo (H/SK) L1 PORTRAIT SERIE PHOTO-EXHIBITION 05/04/2016 – 16/04/2016 L1 Portrait Series is a photo exhibition by Roland Szabo The exhibition L1 Portrait Series consists of portraits of members and residents of the L1 Association, one of the largest contemporary dance associations in Hungary. Roland Szabo has been a part of the L1 Association since 2013. This series of photographs was presented as an exhibition on L1danceFest 2014 in Budapest, at Balassi Institute in Prague and at the gallery of the Slovak Institute in…Continue Reading “L1-PORTRAIT SERIE”

EX LIBRIS 08/03/2016 – 31/03/2016 Artists: Violeta Apostolova, Snezhina Bisserova, Elisaveta Vacheva, Krassimira Drenska, Polina Petrova, Tsveta Petrova In the course of its evolution, the field of print art has adapted constantly to new technological advances. Likewise, printmakers are always striving to take advantage of the new technological capabilities that are available. Their work is not only a search for artistic impact, but also demonstrates a great desire to master the medium. It can be said that in the last decades, the digital age has…Continue Reading “Ex-Libris”