‘The Collier Award’ (an artists’s recognition) 26/06/2018 ‘The Collier Award’ (an artists’s recognition) was established by Etud Foundation in 2017 and it is awarded to artists from various fields of arts. The award is named after Nathan S. Collier without whose financial support there would be no Etud Foundation or Etud Gallery. Ani (Vladislavova) Collier and her husband Nathan live in the United States and support art in Bulgaria through the Etud Foundation and Etud Gallery for more than a decade. The award (3 000…Continue Reading “Collier Award 2018”

THE STORY OF YESTERDAY Idea and realization: Galina Borissova With: Alexandra Spassova, Willy Prager, Iva Sveshtarova, Miroslava Zahova, Nathan Cooper, Stephan A. Shtereff Design curtains: Eva Gebreva Wallpaper photography: Irena Tsvetanova Produced by Nomad Dance Academy-Bulgaria The production is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Etud Foundation and is realized in partnership with Etud Gallery. Between walls, curtains and wallpapers six performers dream with uncertain intentions and temporary decisions. How often do we feel lonely in the presence of others? Memories are never as…Continue Reading “THE STORY OF yesterday”

19 June 2017 “WHITE OVER WHITE” P.S. – premiere 19:30, Etud gallery by Maya Pramatarova, a stage version for the festival “Etud and Friends” With: Lidiya Stefanova and Mariyana Krumova Sound picture: Nevena Pramatarova With thanks to Lyudmil Angelov With thanks to Chaika Petrusheva Stage environment: Boyan Bahrin and Ventsislava Stoyanova P.S. to the performance of Ventsislav Asenov Poster: Antonio Stoyanov Festival “Etud and Friends 2017” second edition is an initiative of the Etud Foundation and is being implemented with the financial support of the…Continue Reading “WHITE OVER WHITE P.S.”